Starfire Software
Thank you!

Back in 1995, I had an idea for a new product that would get stock quotes from the "newly discovered" Internet and scroll them across a computer screen. As the Internet and PC's began to play a larger role in my daily life, other ideas start to form and as I created new applications; I offered these tools here, in a shareware format, so other computer users could share in my efforts. I had no idea that it any of my projects would continue to evolve for over eight years and across seven versions of Windows!

The end has come for a number of these projects as well as this company. The shareware business is not what it used to be and I've found that it is time to move on - before I do, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the ongoing support that I've had the pleasure of experiencing over the years!

Even though Starfire Software, Inc. is ending, another project of mine has grown a good deal. Since 2001 I've run my own blog (web log) called It's a site that I've used to share technological information, personal gripes, and other such things. A few of the applications that were used to be here have become "Donation-ware" on this new site, including Clockz, MultiFilez, and MultiPagez. While the applications are not updated as often as they used to be and support is now "optional," these tools have a new home and join SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT as my pet projects.

I invite you to continue to use these tools as I hope they've helped you out as much as they have me and I thank you for your years of support.